Sunday, November 18, 2007

the year of the scarf, part 3

9) Absolute Friendsmade in August 2006
used 100 yards Modea Dea fur and 100 yards Lion Brand fur held together on #11 (US) neeedle
blocked to 7" x 68"

This is an extreme example of the yarn doing all the work. It is all garter stitch. The two yarns are a lighter and darker version of the same color which together made a medium. I knew in advance that the recipient strongly favored this color and texture.

10) Xenocide

made in August 2006
used 250 yards Southwest Trading Bamboo on size G (US) hook
blocked to 5" x 55"
Stitch adapted from Seaman's Scarf pattern in Vogue Knitting to Go Crochet Scarves

My first crochet project, featuring an easy lace stitch. The result was good partly because the yarn was soft and pliable and the stitch was open work. For the most part though, crochet is not as good as knitting for garments, leading to a fabric that is stiff and bulky. I learned crochet so that I could add edging to knitted garments. The scarf is small, and so is the recipient. This is a good color for her.

11) Ender 2
made in August 2006
used 200 yards each Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in light blue and white on # 8 (US) needles
blocked to 6.5" x 63"

The intent of this scarf was to have a friendly and folksy feeling as fitting the personality of the recipient. I don't know why exactly, but this design, especially in these soft colors, seemed to work.

12) Every Mother is a Daughter

made August 2006

mixed yarn on #8 (US) needle

finished size 5" x 84"

pattern Yarn Mix Scarf from Vogue Knitting on the Go Scarves 2

This scarf was made for someone who loves bright colors. It took a litte while to get the right color mix. It was knit longways with about 250 stitches cast onto circular needles and then finished in just a few rows. The pattern mixed knit and purl rows so that the color changes were visible on both sides, resulting in a reversible scarf.

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Carrie Ann said...

You are one talented lady! Your scarves are beautiful - and I love how you name them all. Cool!