Monday, February 4, 2008

parade of finished objects: 2007

Today I am posting the list of finished objects from last year. It is a motley list; there are some unattractive objects here, but some nice ones too. So in the interest of using this blog as a knitting journal, I want a complete record of the little I accomplish year by year starting with 2007. My plan is to link from this list to the original post about the object. If there is no previous post, I will add some notes here. Then I will create a link in the right hand margin to this post.

I tried to do all of this by creating a page in Google pages, thus saving regular posting space, but I did not like the layout. On Thursday I will have something better: a free pattern for the sweater called Bandersnatch.

February: Improvised Scarf After the great scarf production of 2006 (15?) I started the year with another scarf. This was improvised with vintage yarn for a class with Judith Swartz on crocheted edgings. The scarf was lovely, but the edging was too tight and the scarf is not too useable. I also made some crocheted flowers.
Reynolds Kitten (84% acrylic, 16% wool) dk weight

March: Essential Indulgence by Leslie Scanlon Interweave Knits Fall 2005
This was a simple sweater using some navy blue yarn I ordered online for a cardigan. It was too fine and soft for the use I intended. This sweater was not a success. The neckline was so wide it had to be sewn closer, and the seams, meant to face out, had to be sewn in because they were sloppy. This is one of two designs I have ever knit from IK, and it doesn't count because it's frogged.
Desiree, Italian import (80% wool, 20% angora) dk weight; approx 1150 yards; # 6 needle

June: Rust Jacket with Relax by Rebecca, named Relax Jacket by me
The blue jacket that I made with vintage yarn was such a success that I made it again with the yarn specified in the pattern. I used navy Relax yarn (boucle) and medium grey trim in a smooth yarn, Paton's Classic Wool.
GGH Relax (10% alpaca, 32% wool, 32% nylon, 26% acrylic); bulky weight; 780 yards; #10 needle
July: Mason from Rowan Vintage Style, named Pruning Sweater by me.
Men's pattern made for self in size small with specified yarn; modeled here by Roger.
Rowan Yorkshire Tweed (100% wool); chunky; 872 yards; #11 needle

August: Orange Cardigan free pattern from Lion Brand , named Swing Cardigan by Lion Brand
To keep up my crochet skills, I made this. Never mind. Crocheted fabric is thick and stiff. Crochet certainly has its place, but not in a sweater. Looks better in the picture than in real life. Frogged.
Lion Brand Cotton Ease (cotton and acrylic); worsted weight; 1035 yards

August: Bandersnatch designed by me
My first sweater design. I am very proud. Stay tuned for many more details including a free pattern, coming later this week.
Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere (85% cotton, 15% cashmere); 1,525 yards; # 5 needle

August: Suzanne's Scarf from Interweave Knits, Spring 2000, named A scarf of your very own by IK.
The final installment of the great Christmas scarf project of 2006. It took me a year to finish this because it was such a slow knit. Sue is wearing it this winter (07/08) for the first time and gets compliments.
Jamieson's 2 ply Shetland Spindrift; fingering weight; 300 yards; # 3 needle
September: Clapotis 1 Knitty
A great success. I wear this frequently and continue to get compliments on it. The colorway, called Regency, is soft yet colorful and looks better in person. This came in handy on a plane trip to China that I took in mid-September.
Patons Classic Wool Merino (100% merino wool); worsted weight; 675 yards; # 8 needle September: Kimono Shawl Neckwarmer based on Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls.
I was so in love with the Kimono Shawl that I made a short scarf because I did not have the yarn to make the whole shawl. This little neckwarmer, which has to be fastened with a pin at the throat, is pretty, but it itches like hell, so I can barely wear it, but it is too pretty to scrap. The finished size is 9"x31". I made it on the trip to China. I got the yarn in a swap. I still have about a scarf's worth left, but I am not sure what to do with it. (In January of this year I have started the actual shawl)
Southwest Trading Company Bella (50% soy silk, 50% wool); dk weight; #9 needle

October: Kelly Cardigan in Classic Knits by Erika Knight
Love this sweater. I read a blogger saying that it feels like a hug when you wear it. That is exactly right. And I now know why they call this yarn Crack Silk Haze.
Rowan Kid Silk Haze (70% super kid mohair, 30% silk); fingering weight doubled; 1,600 yards; # 5 needle

November: Clapotis 2 Knitty
Second Clap made for Mother's Christmas present. And I'd do it again. This colorway, Rosewood, is very striking and photographs better than the first Clap.
Paton's Classic Merino Wool; (100% merino wool); 675 yards; #8 needleNovember: Wool Peddler Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle
Very wonderful. My first real shawl, not counting Clapotis. Blocked a little smaller than given in pattern: 31.5" x 70". The yarn I used was recommended by the designer as a substitute for the discontinued yarn origanily specified.
Berroco Ultra Alpaca (50% alpaca, 50% wool); worsted weight; 860 yards; # 7 needleDecember: Jilly designed by me
This sweater was inspired by a store bought cotton sweater. The pattern still need some tweaking (it's the armscye and sleeve cap, surprise, surprise) and the yarn choice needs revision, so I will have to reknit it. The yarn I picked is too soft; it needs a crisper feel. I'll post the pattern as soon as it's ready. As is, the sweater is flattering and comfortable to wear.
Cascade Pima Silk (85% pima cotton, 15% silk); aran weight; 981 yards; #8 needle

December: Squatty real name Amanda's Squatty Sidekick by Amanda Berka
This is an adorable pattern and it is available online through Interweave Knits, so I will have to take back what I said previously about not liking their designs. They do seem to excel in accesories, and I will probably be making more of them in 2008. I will stand by what I said about their sweater designs. This was a Christmas present that was well received and has been used by my daughter. I made it with yarn scraps, worsted weight, doubled.
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride and Berroco Ultra Alpaca; worsted weight; about 500 yards on # 13 needle.

December: David's Scarf real name Tweed Scarf from Men in Knits by Tara Jo Manning
I can't believe I left this out in the original post. I have had to go back and add it. It was a last minute Christmas gift idea, but it turned out well.
Cascade 128 Tweed; chunky weight; about 150 yards; #10 needle
Although I haven't felt knitting burn out, in looking back over last year, I can see that I had it at the beginning of the year. It was probably all the Christmas scarves I made. I needed a break. But as the year progressed, the quality and amount of my knitting progressed as well. With two original sweater designs, five additional sweaters (not all good), and three shawls counting Claps, it wasn't a bad year.


Wool Enough said...

Bandersnatch looks like my kind of sweater. I'm eager to see more details.

Marie said...

I would say you had a very good year. You had both product and process success. Thanks for sharing.